October Minority Impact Fund is a venture capital fund dedicated to investing in early-stage minority-owned businesses founded by members of underserved and underrepresented communities, with a focus on Black and other founders of color.

The objective of the Minority Impact Fund is to provide investment capital and operational support to minority-owned businesses with the goal of facilitating long-term growth and addressing the wealth gap.

The fund will be set up as a generalist fund that seeks to invest across a broad range of sectors including logistics, fintech, healthcare, education tech, entertainment, and digital sports. 

The fund will seek to target companies located in U.S. regions historically underserved by mainstream venture capital, including the Midwest, South, Southeast, Mountain, and the Great Lakes.

We are focused on underserved regions & seek to invest in minority founders located within U.S regions overlooked by mainstream venture capital.

We are committed to equity, equality & deeply rooted in the belief that talent is universal, but opportunity is too often not.

Our strong network of strategic partnerships & financial institutions provide strength to our nimble and efficient team.

We offer SUPPORT to minority business owners. We are COMMITTED to equity and equality. We have a FOCUS on underserved regions in the US. We offer a strong NETWORK of resources through our partnerships.